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Company History

  •  Create a company with unique, custom products that differ from other competition firearms
  •  Privately owned company that sells competition guns and custom firearm parts
  • Offer lightweight firearms with better heat resistance
  •  Provide a stellar purchasing experience

Our Inspiration

  • Strong veteran support from our company
  • Our team sells and designs firearms to pass down from generation to generation
  • We use our 49 years of experience to build a dependable pistol for everyone to use

Let us show you the Garland Firearms difference!

Garland Firearms

Quality Service Provided

Garland Firearms’ greatest strength is in our commitment to quality and service. With each competition gun purchase, we…

  • Ensure the accuracy, quality, and protection behind our products
  • Guarantee satisfaction with our quality assurance program
  • Go the extra mile to give customers the best purchase process

Our Promise to Customers

We know that your time is precious. As a part of our stellar customer service experience, here’s what we promise to all customers:

  • The Garland Firearms team is here for you
  • Our team works quickly and efficiently
  • Deliver products to you as quickly as possible

Made in America Competition Guns for Sale

We stand by the quality of the pistols, firearms, and parts for sale on our website.

About Garland Firearms

Garland Firearms is founded on Christian and family values.

Meet The Team

Our company has years of experience with firearms and is ready to help you and your family find a firearm you’ll be proud of. We have strong veteran support within our company and are proud to sell made in America products.

Mission Statement

Garland Firearms is committed to the customer and meeting their expectations on product and delivery requirements, through continual improvement of our processes and quality management system.

Purchase Competition Guns

See the Garland Firearms difference with our competition pistols and firearms available in our shop.

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